Presentation of Sawubona – I see you by Lilia Pérez and Doung Jahangeer in “Amsterdam Global City 2: Mexico” August 14, 2010 Cinema Rialto, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most multicultural city in the world. With 178 different nationalities, we can rightfully speak of Amsterdam as a global city. For this reason Rialto will conduct a series of programs that will place each one of these cultures under the spotlight.Saturday, August 14 is Mexico’s turn.
In Amsterdam Global City #2: Mexico Rialto and the film festival Cinemaztlán present a full day with films, video art, live music, discussion, food and a party that brings together an inspiring combination of contemporary Mexican culture in Holland. Seeing Amsterdam as a unique stopover for creativity, the day pays attention to the Mexican creative diaspora and the cultural exchange in its art practice.

01.00 PM – Animasivo
The best Mexican animated short films of Animasivo, a platform for the diffusion of animation in Mexico. The shorts are divided in two themes.
– Astronomy: Black Rain, Semiconductor, 2009, 3’02”; The Astronomer’s Land, Malcom Sutherland, 2009, 8’04”; Nebulous, Luis Felipe Hernandez, 2009, 2’35”;  Invasión, Alberto Mar, 2009, 4’; The Big Bang, Llamarada de Petate, 2009, 3’; Velocidad luz, Jorge Carrera, Miriam Matus, 2009, 2’17”; Shot 22, Lcoturbina, 2009, 2’58”; Supernova, Nuria Manchaca, 2009, 2’45”;Orión Argonáutica, 2009, Lorena Lizette Muñoz, 2’34”
– 2110: projecting the future: The Noctitlán, Nuria Menchaca, 2010, 2’58”; El gato con Botox, Pedro González y Hectór Dávila, 2010, 3’15”; Sin juicio, Llamarada de Petate, 2010, 4’03”; Origen, Papelito Habla, I colectivo, Y. Rojas, M. Méndez, G. Escobar, E. Campos, G. Hiriart, E. Nagashima, J. Zetina, 2010, 2’59”; Love and Strange Place, Lucette Braune, 2010, 3’56”;Media Archeology 2110, Eric Dyer, 2010, 3’41” ; Transitorio, René Castillo, 2010, 1’; Business as Usual, Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher, 2010, 4’03”

04.00 PM – Shooting Diasporas
– Quijada de burro, Juan López Maas, 2010, 7’ (work in progress). It reveals the philosophy of two families linked by a donkey: the Ballumbrosio, which uses the jaw of the animal as a percussion instrument, and the Lara Acuña, which sees the donkey as a sacred animal because it took Jesus to Jerusalem.
– 18 Karat: New Cuban Jazz, Rodrigo Abascal, 2010, 6’ (work in progress) This is a musical portray of Cuban and European jazz musicians that tells the difficult circumstances in which Cubans are developed, the encounter of styles between them and their musical ideas.
– Muftah, the Name of the Goat, Diego Gutierrez in collaboration with Chaib Massaoudi, 2010, 52’ (Dutch Première). This is one of six independent but connected documentaries around the issue of three diary meals made during the documentary workshop “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner” organized by El Despacho with visual artists from Mexico, The Netherlands and Morocco to collectively reformulate their knowledge. In the film the framer is framed: a group of filmmakers is portrayed in their trip to the Rif mountains in northern Morocco, leaded by a special teacher…. and a goat.

The discussion with the screened guest Mexican artists and Hans Maarten van den Brink (Media Fonds) will address how the artist’ transit has transformed their audiovisual arts practice and how this city can be understood as a “save heaven”. The program closes with traditional Mexican food and cocktails by Los Pilones.

06.00 PM – Live music,  video art and documentation
Rialto cafe and entresol Enter the night with the live music of Nomad Coalescence, a Latin, Flamenco and Indian fusion of uplifting energy. This is a group by Mexican flutist Aura Rascón, (traverse flute and bansuri), Slovenian guitarist Vito Marence and Peruvian percussionist Matias Recharte. You can also watch two ongoing video art projections and documentation of art installations of the Mexican diaspora.
– De diefstal van het jaar, Ulises Carrión, 1982, 8’04”; Solitario, Carlos Amorales, 1998, 15’; Una Mirada informal, Ilana Boltvinik, 2009, 14’; Sawubona, I see you, Lilia Pérez & Doung Anwar Jahangeer, 2010, 2’34” (documentation of interactive installation);
– Urban Screens in the Westergasfabriek, Lilia Pérez & the Media City Workshop participants, 2010, 3’ 52” (documentation of projected interventions in public space). Screening cafe: Bullet swing, Ulises Carrión, 1980,  4’;
– A book, Ulises Carrión, 1978, 7’52; Panorámica I & II, Galia Eibenschutz, 2006/2007, animation, 12’ 19”; Time zero, Iván García Romero, 2009, 3’;  Mechanical installations, Fernando Palma Rodríguez, 1994-2010, 6‘ (video documentation); LINKS. Stories from the border, Rebeca Sánchez Aguilar, 2005, 7’ (video documentation).

09.45 PM – Norteado
Norteado, Rigoberto Perezcano, 2010, 94’. This is a subtle and intimate film debut that tells the story of Andrés and his surprising situation at the US-Mexico border. The film won the FIPRECI prize at Rotterdam Film Festival.

11.30 PM – Late Night: Seguir siendo: Café Tacvba
Rialto Late Night screens the rockcumentary Seguir siendo: Café Tacvba, Ernesto Contreras and José Cravioto, 2010, 80’. This is the story of one of the most talented contemporary Mexican music bands on its 20 anniversary. The film shows the band’s creative process, problems and friendship.

Close Amsterdam Global City with an adventurous night with Latin, electro beats courtesy of DJ  Mulat.