Coordinator, editor and contributor, author of the Article “A Revision of Electronic Art in Mexico”

Published by: Realidad Visual, Lima Perú

For the 9th Festival of Videoart and Electronic Art, Lima Perú.

Anamnesis means” A recalling to memory; recollection.” I chose this title for the publication because it dealt with the History of Electronic Art in Mexico. In it, I saw the opportunity of making something similar, although in a smaller scale, to the work that I did in the interactive CD – ROM Artevisión, A history of Electronic Art in Spain.Electronic art is not as young as it may appear, and it’s memory is worth preserving. Bibliography about it is scarce, specially in developing countries. This publication, aimed to contribute with a critical retrospective view at the way in which this practice has emerged in Mexico. Besides coordinating the magazine, I contributed by writing an article about the important trajectory of the Center for Multimedia within this field.