Project team: Lilia Perez Romero, Elvira Arslanova, Jeroen Keijser, Ferdinand van Varik

What to wear and where to find it? Which clothes are suitable for today’s weather? What is appropriate for today’s event? What in my wardrobe goes well with this new garment? What do I need to buy in order to complement my outfit for the coming season? Which clothes are more urgent to wash? Which of my friends has a matching hat for my Halloween costume? How can I get my friend’s fashion advice quickly and easily?

FashionAid is a personal wardrobe assistant that helps you address these questions taking into account your personal taste, your body type and external factors such as the weather or the kind of appointments that you schedule.

The project here proposed constitutes an attempt of envisioning how an interactive mirror would look and function like when thought of as a tool devoted to daily fashion care. It distinguishes from others in that it considers the user in the context of her own home. It’s an intimate multifunctional tool that learns from its user taste and helps her to save time and keep in style, and organized. Designing a tool like this resulted complicated and challenging. Its multifunctionality  calls for a complex navigation while it’s physicality and gestural interaction contrastingly claim for simplicity and transparency.

A rapid and condensed user centered design(UCD) approach was used to consider the home context and women’s current practices in making daily fashion choices. This allowed quick and contextualized development and testing of design proposals.