Interactive Installation

Programmer of this version: Omar Sánchez
Models / Characters: Myriam Beutelspascher, La Poli, Don Jacobo and Juan Pablo Avendaño

Made as part of an artistic residency in the Center for Multimedia, Mexico

In this version, the playback booth was developed. Please refer to entry about Frontera v.2 for more information regarding this piece.

One of the four randomly chosen characters observesthe spectator from a crystal screen. From its pose and theframing of the shot, it seems to be waiting to be portrayed.The character will carry on like this until the spectatortouches the screen. Then, they will come out of their immobility responding with the same gesture, placing their handand gaze on the user’s hand, following any route it follows.Trapped in this small sequence of gestures that reminds ofLa Invención de Morel, by Adolofo Bioy Casares, theportrayed character meets the real one at an instant ofsimulated communion, which expresses both the will forcommunication and the impossibility of it actually happening.


View video of Frontera v.1 in Interactive Futures – The Future Screen, Victoria, Canada, 2007