Net. Art – Interactive Installation /

Net_art Programmed by Ryan Johnston, installation programmed by Joerg Muller.

Produced during an artistic residency at the Banff Center for the Arts, Canada.

This project is about identities in the digital domain. It’s freely based on biometrics and identity recognition. The users are asked to scan their hand with a regular scanner and submit the image to the project’s server to be processed and interpolated with other user’s hands in order to form a collective body, an exquisite corpse that could be seen either as a sign of pertinence (as were the prehistoric hand prints), a parody of surveillance technologies or a metaphor of a collective destiny.

Humanos in its installation version was selected and shown as part of the Mostra Competitiva in Sao Paolo Brasil at the Festival Video Brasil.

This video shows how interaction with the website looked like when Humanos v.1 was online.

Duration of video documentation: 2min 30 secs.