By: Lilia Pérez Romero

Programmed by: Marco Antono Montes de Oca

Produced with the EMARE grant

At V2_Lab

This project is based in this idea of the body image banks, but subverts its usage and turns it in a very distinct practice. Using the metaphor of the “eye bank” the users are turned into donors and asked to contribute with the installation by having images of their eyes being taken and manipulated in the following ways:

1)By the creation of a collective iris that results of the interpolation of all the users’ iris patterns combined through feeding a generative L-system drawing.

2) By the creation of an eye gallery where the eye appears as part of a database with data such as name age and occupation or nationality of the person it belongs to. A sort of eye portrait gallery.

3) Everything we see is affected by the eyes which see it. The eye images are used in this part of the project to manipulate and affect the images which are seen through them. In this part, custom made software is used to create an assemblage of audiovisual stimulus consisting on poetry and various images. While the user observes this composition, an image of their eyes is taken and its pattern used to affect their version of the experience.