Team: Lilia Perez RomeroElvira ArslanovaMaya FailiYu-Fang Teh

Supervised by:Alan Dix

This project was executed within the framework of a module called “Computer Supported Collaborative Interfaces”. The aim of the project was to develop an installation for children that requires physical exercise and promotes collaborative play. The process of generating the design, however, was unusual and challenging. It resulted from an exercise proposed by Alan Dix on turning someone else’s worst ideas into meaningful designs. The team had to generate 3 bad ideas and then exchange those with another team.

Melly-go-round is a playground installation that combines the thrill of the flying chairs game, or more precisely its close relative that is activated through running, with the subtleness of playing in a giant hamster ball. We believe that, technical difficulties aside, this design would motivate children to exercise and to work in a common goal: achieving the experience of flying by running as fast as possible together in one direction thus making the axis spin and elevating the giant containers.