Ongoing project specially created for the Jugando con Números Interactivos? workshop of Medialab Prado, Madrid.

Jugando con Números is a creative laboratory and interdisciplinary investigation of the connections between mathematics, juggling and programming.

One of the traditional objects used in juggling are hoops or rings. One group of jugglers that use an uncommon variation of this instrument are dolphins. They create rings with bubbles, and push and shape them with their nose like glass hoops until they break or dilute. The project Nahuac is inspired by this and aims to recreate it by building and artifact that makes a toroidal vortex in the water to create a digitally controlled interactive and sound water sculpture. This piece will be settled inside a cylinder or transparent tank controlled by  an Arduino micro-controller, airing systems (compressors) for a fish tank, and some devices such a joystick or monome to allow interaction.

Jugando con números supported by the Grants for Contemporary Creation of Matadero Madrid 2010 and Medialab-Prado.