The Media City Workshop participants.
in the context of The Media City Workshop.
Produced with the support of:
Time_Frame and the Netherlands Institute for Media Art.
First projection scene in the video was Lilia Perez’s

Duration of video documentation: 3min 52 secs.

This work consisted on a series of video interventions on the façade of one of the main buildings in the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. The images were produced and compiled during the Media City workshop, and they were created specifically as in situ ephemeral pieces. I worked mainly with the concept of synesthesia and the idea of transforming the architecture through sound and games of light and shadow. An important element in my projections was typography, and the visuality of words. In one of the interventions, I used adjectives accumulating over the building. Leaving such adjectives without defining the thing that they refer to, had the intention of the spectator completing the work. For the size and regularity in which the visual elements appeared in the animation, I used techniques of generative (algorithmic) art.