Conceived and made by:
Lilia Pérez
1 minute

This work is part of the collection of VideoChannel Cologne and a curatorship with the theme “memory” and ”Identity”by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

D. was named Graciela before her stage name replaced that of birth, even within her own family, which is mine. D. is my aunt, a controversial figure who has been mentally handicapped since long before I met her. She’s the strange one of the family in whom it took me until adolescence to discover the diva of the sixties Mexican experimental cinema. I’ve been filming her ever since hoping to be able to tell her story that is also part of my story. “Pills” is a short video represents an exercise of memory, in it I speak about my aunt’s memory, trapped in nostalgia of her ephemeral glorious past, but also about my own memory of her, and of the dying medium of non-digital photography. The two memories are interdependent, and this one minute film is a loop that could last forever.