Interactive installation – generative art

by Lilia Pérez Romero
Made in collaboration with:
Octavio Campuzano, Ana Medeles, Adrián Espinosa and Antonio González (programming engineer).
Commissioned by :
MARCO / Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico

Terra Linguae is an installation/interactive software that proposes a self organized ecosystem where the world’s languages are dealt with as living entities with their own biological cycles and forms of interaction. The initial data to feed the model and the values for the parameters of fitness of each language-entity, are real statistics taken from the online database Ethnologue. However, the work doesn’t limit itself to the production of a cientific model. It is also a game since parameters can be altered by the user.This opens a space for the creation of idealized models, alternative stories and reflection laced with humor about the nature and development of linguistic coexistence.